Inside London’s Anti-Lockdown Protest – 14th June

CW: Antisemitism, suicide

For my own safety and at the request of some of my subjects, I will not be posting interviews from now on. If you believe you have a compelling reason to see them, please email me.

To most people, the 14th of June ’21 was when Boris Johnson would announce an extension to the national lockdown. The Delta COVID Variant has seen increasing infection rates and hospitalizations.

To protesters, it was described as ‘Judgement Day’ on Telegram, a time for a ‘Great Awakening’ when protesters would take the streets of London and halt government business. Below are my main takeaways from the day.

The Media Is The Virus

On Sunday the 13th I tweeted that I would not want to be an official reporter covering this subject. I was right to be concerned. A BBC reporter was chased out of the protest with such hostility that I’m surprised he escaped without a beating. It’s horrific.

The most popular sign of the day was ‘The Media is the Virus’. The hatred was ubiquitous, but there was no shortage of professional camera operators either. Telegram chatter showed the crowd was looking out for the 77th Brigade and ‘Rothschild Controlled Media’.

A white man with aviator sunglasses and a blue and white striped shirt stands on a London street holding a red  and white sign which reads: THE MEDIA IS the VIRUS. The font is deliberately evocative of the BBC branding.
Slightly depressing to see them using the BBC font. CC-BY-SA 4.0 yesthatfiona

Fact checks were frequently cited by participants as part of the global conspiracy to lead us to their own personal dystopia. I don’t know how you reach out to these people, but traditional channels are not going to work.

Anti-Semitism is Rife

A through-line with (almost) every participant was that COVID and the lockdowns are part of a plan to depopulate the earth. Another through-line, with every participant, was anti-Semitism. Hate crimes against Jewish people in London have reached unconscionable levels. This has mostly been attributed to leftist anti-Israel sentiment, but it’s also become more prominent in conspiracy circles.

A shirtless white man wearing a baseball cap and aviator sunglasses holds up a round sign. On the sign are numerous printed pages which have been attached with sellotape. They are:

A graph of the number of flu cases in 2019 compared to 2020
'SAY NO TO VACCINES' in black ink
A start of David, as worn by Jewish people during WW2, with overlaying text which reads: Certification of Vaccine ID and some random numbers. There is also an RFID chip embedded in the star.
Brain scans
Revalation 13/17
An influenza virus with the caption MISSING! The Influenza Virus AKA: The flu. Last Seen Feb 2020
A beach with the words: VACCINE ONLY HOLIDAY
The cover of a book titled The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials
Two pictures of Tony Blair - one from a news clipping with the headling: TONY BLAIR: The world needs to agree a form of Covid passport - and Britain should lead the way. And another with the words WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION
A picture of a London bus with the words NO VACCINE NO TRAVEL overlayed
A picture of an eye with the words EVENT201 overlaid
A picture of Klaus Schwab with the words I'm coming for your property You will Own Nothing overlayed
He was very proud of being called a threat by the Metro. He also admitted that he couldn’t tell me about anything on the sign. His sign. CC-BY-SA 4.0 yesthatfiona

When I interviewed QAnon protesters last year, only one person mentioned Jewish people at all. Another couple were horrified at the suggestion that they might be anti-Semitic. That was not the case on Monday.

A few people still paid lip-service to it just being ‘the Rockefellers’ and ‘Zionists’, but absolutely everyone I talked to was perfectly comfortable blaming Jewish people for COVID 19. One man even took the time to patiently explain Hitler’s revolutionary economic policies, which he believed were the real reason for WW2.

Jesus Is Lord (And Anti-Lockdown)

I was not expecting the Catholic faithful to feature so heavily in an anti-lockdown protest but the faithful were out in force. A de-frocked priest, a former nun, and a smattering of worshippers made their presence known.

When asked why they were attending, most claimed that they believed lockdowns and “mandatory” vaccinations were against the biblical concept of free will. Depopulation via COVID was called a continuation of abortion, and proselytisers also assured me that this was the best place to “plant seeds” for the lord.

Trump Looms Large

As I set up my camera for the day, before I had started interviewing people, a woman grabbed my arm. “It’s Trump’s birthday today”, she tells me with a big smile. I ask her why that matters and she just nods and walks away.

There were at least four giant Trump flags on display, with many more participants wearing ‘Make England Great Again’ hats. The people I spoke to empathised with Trump’s deplatforming, and noted that “England always follows America”. To them, the fact that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ (which, just to be absolutely clear, it was not) from Trump is a warning of what’s to come.

The ‘Make England Great Again’ hat wearers were freemen of the land inspired by Trump. By their telling, there is no English parliament, instead, the English are oppressed by the British. When I asked who ‘The British’ were the leader responded “You know exactly who they are”.

Q, Lizards, And Assorted Conspiracies

Nobody was willing to talk about Q on camera. The fingerprint of the conspiracy could be seen everywhere, but as one person told me ‘I have about 5% hopium it’s true, but I doubt it’. The rhetoric about saving the children has also shifted. Instead of paedophiles kidnapping kids for nefarious purposes, it was now the more grounded (but still absurd) theory that vaccines were going to murder children.

For conspiracy buffs out there, I did find a Bill Cooper fan in the wild, which was very surreal in 2021 London. (For more on Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars I recommend this episode of the podcast Knowledge Fight)

A white man wearing sunglasses stands in a crowd holding a cardboard sign with the words: 5G, Vaccines, Silent Weapons for Silent War
I mean he didn’t get the quote right, but he was still a fan. CC-BY-SA 4.0 yesthatfiona

David Icke was a prominent figure in the story of most people I spoke to. There was a strong parasocial element, with many expressing regret at having ‘abandoned’ him at an earlier point. I was only able to find two people willing to agree that we had Reptilian overlords. They also very earnestly wanted to me know the Pleiadians were fighting back.

“It’s better that then civilized humans doing this to people. I don’t think I could live with that.”

We Have To Get Personal

Two things really stuck out throughout the day. One, was the carnival-esque atmosphere. People were ecstatic to be around people like them. As they carried messages about our collective impending doom, people were laughing and more than happy to mug for the camera.

A free woman wearing sunglasses holds up a cardboard sign which reads THEY NEVER INTEND TO SET US FREE. She is standing on an empty Parliament Square
If I believed that I feel I would be slightly less enthused. CC-BY-SA 4.0 yesthatfiona

But even light probing revealed a dark undercurrent of fear and despair. One woman I spoke to had undergone chemotherapy in the past, and was terrified of any additional medical treatments. People spoke about losing their businesses, their jobs. And then there was the sign I still can’t get out of my head:

It was too loud to interview this woman, and I lost her in the crowd. According to the other side of her sign, she’s an NHS worker. I really hope she’s ok, and that someone can get her help.

I don’t have any big answers or a moral takeaway. These people are putting their communities at risk and making life hell for the NHS. They’re part of the reason I have only seen a specialist once in the last year and a half. The increasing calls to violence on Telegram are scaring me, and I don’t think they’re empty threats.

All I can really do is suggest, if you have it in you, that you keep in touch with people in your life who have fallen down this rabbit hole. I think exposure to the real world is the only thing that is going to make a difference.

A Week In Q-Land

(CW: Antisemitism)

A lot has been made about the current meteoric rise of Parler as a safe space for the fringe (and not so fringe) right. Watching people who have been suspended from Twitter have a protracted meltdown is both fascinating and extremely concerning.

A picture of a post on Parler by account @StormIsUponUs with username President Elect Joe M. 

The post reads 'There's 100% chance Biden loses the 2020 election. If I'm wrong, I'll livestream my cult-deprogramming therapy.'

The post has 352 comment replies, 1004 shares, and 4683 upvotes.
I’m tempted to make an account just to ask about this

But what about the really safe spaces? Places like Parler and Voat certainly won’t censor Q accounts, but I can still get on there and point out logical fallacies or just spam this blog at them. No, I spent Thanksgiving week going into WeWake, one of the many attempts at making a Q-themed social media platform, to see what I would learn.

It was Thanksgiving week so I spent no more than 30 minutes a day on the platform. I didn’t go to dig for dirt, I just decided to see what a casual user would see.


Turns out you need to get approved for an account so I had to wait around for that. Once I got approved, the website was super pleasant to look at, and I immediately received a warm welcome from my new friends.

Thad Williams appears to be the owner and creator of the website. I have no idea if that’s a real name or not but he’s also extremely sweet and supportive. If I were a QAnon supporter fleeing Twitter this would be an amazing find.

I did find a, um…small issue with the UK Patriots group, that I assume was either made by an American or a troll.

A picture of the header for WeWake group 'UK Patriots'. The banner image has a female BBC presenter speaking to camera, as two men holding an Irish flag with the letter Q on it stand in the background. The profile picture is the flag of the United Kingdom
Do you want hundreds of years of sectarian violence? Because that’s how you get hundreds of years of sectarian violence.

The only red flag that hit on Monday was user Lone Wolf For Trump. Whether they are aware or not (and I suspect they are aware) that term was coined by white supremacist Louis Beam and is an apt descriptor for numerous acts of terrorism perpetrated by both white nationalists and ISIS.

Lone Wolf For Trump wants to set up CHAZ, but Q, in a nice remote area, which brings me to my Monday take-away:

TIL: People in CHAZ are no Longer American Citizens and Their Votes Don’t Count

A comment exchange by two users on WeWake.

User JUNE_RIO28: They did do that, which meant that every person who defected renounced their US citizenship, and therefore their vote was null and void.

User LoneWolfForTrump: JUNE_RIO28 It gets even better, even though that ummm settlement is inside the borders of the US, you will need a passport and a visa to enter their land, they do have some kind of tourism and they do allow visitors but you have to make arrangements for lmao...
I mean, no, just…what? No.


Love bombing is a real thing. If my head wasn’t swimming with stories of people losing their loved ones to this cult I would be feeling extremely bad about this experiment. Everyone is super friendly towards this anonymous mute who joined their platform.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask this person who received a lot of emotional support from fellow ‘patriots’.

A post from the website WeWake with the username and picture covered in a black box.

Post reads: "I'm feeling more stress and anxiety that [sic] in previous years. Especially with holidays coming up.
With y'all i feel I've discovered a whole new family of relatives I didn't know I had.
Most of my family is thousands of miles away and they rarely remember me at holidays or birthdays. 
My son is close and I get to see my grandkids some bit [sic] never holiday sinners [sic]. His wife's family have banished me from the family gatherings over an untruth. Rather than reveal the actual truth to my son n daughter I just let it go. No reason to spoil their family unity too. It's very sad on Thanksgiving, Christmas n [sic] easter but now I have y'all!

Thank you for being my family."

The post has two likes.
This is sad.

Took a little poke around the wider website before my allotted time was up. The platform is funded by PayPal and Bitcoin, not many surprises there. There’s also a Discord set up perfectly for evading bans, and a merchandise section.

PSA: Teespring has hard-coded their website to not accept QAnon search terms, but is happy to profit off of Q

I found a relatively innocuous looking but most definitely Q-themed storefront via WeWake and asked Teespring about it. I was told they supported free speech. When I asked if their dedication to free speech included profiteering off of a dangerous cult they dodged the issue. (As of the 5th of December I await an actual answer from them.)

For now I’m going to pretend a developer has gone rogue and coded in the blacklisted search terms and hats off to that person!

But also…

TIL: The British Army are Setting Up Quarantine Tents and This is Scary

You may think that over 150 people live on a training camp and therefore it’s very smart to have adequate facilities to keep your army operational during a pandemic. You would be wrong. These are obviously for civilians for some reason not adequately explained.


There’s a disconnect you see with Q followers where they insist that they’ve done a lot of research, yet when you press them on it, they’ve ‘read something on the internet’. But here’s the thing, reading about the latest Q theories is work. It’s a nebulous ever-shifting miasma of half-baked ideas trying to explain everything happening in the world. It isn’t valuable work, you’re not learning anything real or of use, but it is a lot of effort to keep up.

There’s also the internal peer-pressure to keep up. I found ‘Waking Up Your Neighbours’, a group dedicated to, well, brainwashing your neighbours. In it, someone suggested that you could read ‘The Storm – v 1.Q’ in a day, and that that counted as research. ‘The Storm’ is 290 pages of dense text that makes wild claims which require a large amount of time to thoroughly debunk every two sentences. You cannot read that and take it all in in one day. That is absurd.

That’s why I wrote a post to try and help Q followers break the cycle of constant reading/pressure, please use it if it might help someone you know.

Other than that, I joined the Discord server to see what was up.

Screenshot from a Discord channel. Channel name is 'General'. Channel description is 'Open chat for WeWake patriots and interested guests.'

The username is 'Don Qoyote'. Message is:
Scott rocks.
Anyone got the info on the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting victims handy? I remember one was a pedo who had done time, redpilling someone right now
It got worse from here

It was interesting to see that disaffected patriots were treated with the sort of scorn I’d assume was reserved for skeptics. Like any other cult, leaving seems to be a one-way ticket to being ostracized by this seemingly wholesome group.

TIL: Rudy Guliani Was Totally Winning in Pennsylvania

Rudy Guliani totally won in Pennsylvania and also the 2020 Presidential Results there are no longer valid. In so far as I am aware, this is not true. (Archive)


If I were a professional I would spend more time on turkey day looking at WeWake but I am not and so I did not.

TIL: The Entire British Cabinet Have Been Put Under House Arrest

The theory says: COVID isn’t real. The lockdowns etc. have killed millions. Therefore the British government (for some reason?) are guilty of crimes against humanity and have been arrested. I don’t know who would have issued that arrest warrant. It doesn’t say. Very confusing.


If you were a Q-positive casual user of this website, you would be forgiven at this point for thinking everything is swell. Everyone is lovely unless you leave the cult, and it’s just stopping kids being kidnapped or whatever. What’s the harm?

Don’t be fooled. It took until Friday for me to find a proper mask-off post, but this stuff is always under the surface.

I also noticed, in a pattern you’ll see a lot in these spaces, that funding went from 33% to 75% of the total in one day. I assume that had something to do with the surge in Bitcoin value, but it remains interesting to see that large one-off payments really do make these spaces function.

TIL: There Are So Many Gates…

There wasn’t anything particularly explosive going on the day we were all collectively having a food hangover but this post just got me. Can we please stop saying X-Gate? It’s stupid.

A post on WeWake which is a uote from a Lin Wood Tweet. 

The tweet reads:

As we approach Thanksgiving 20/20, 80+M Patriots waiting to give thanks for indictments opening these gates:


Stop trying to make CommunistElectionTheftGate happen. It’s not going to happen.


Explosive times in Q-land. There had been earlier “reports” that a server was seized by American soldiers in Frankfurt, Germany. That server supposedly had all the incriminating evidence against the Deep State. QAnon is big in Germany, so I understand the connection, but it is odd that nobody live tweeted ‘Holy shit Americans are raiding buildings in our country, is this an act of war?” Especially because:

TIL: There Was A Firefight In Frankfurt

It took a while for this to develop, and frankly it’s disgusting. There was a firefight, you see, when American forces were heroically duking it out in the streets of Frankfurt. Only, they’re using the real deaths of real people to prop this up.

Michael Goodboe, CIA agent, died in Somalia from injuries sustained from an IED.

Capt. Seth Vernon Vandekamp, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Dallas Gearld Garza, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Marwan Sameh Ghabour, Staff Sgt. Kyle Robert McKee, and Sgt. Jeremy Cain Sherman died in a helicopter crash in Egypt while on a peacekeeping mission. Sgt. Sherman was only 23 years old.

Those men have families who love them. They were real people, doing real jobs, who really died. They should not be fodder for conspiracists longing for a day of the rope.


My week in Q-land is coming to an end. On Sunday the Gateway Pundit wanted me to know that the Republicans in Georgia love Joe Biden actually. They’re making sure the runoff is rigged actually. All hope for electioneering is lost.

That’s frightening and doesn’t portend great things in Georgia, but I thought it best to finish up allowing the Q people to explain, in their own words, why they keep coming back. What keeps them in their own fantasy-land online?

A pinned post on the website WeWake by Thad Williams.

Post reads:
What keeps you coming back to WeWake every day/week?

The post has one like.

KBPatriot: I feel safe here. I feel like I am getting the truth here. This is where I come for comfort, knowing that I am surrounded with others awake like me. It's a soft warm comfy blanket in the middle of winter. And I love green frogs...
6 people like this comment
Comment reply from Tessa: KBPatriot, glad to see you feel safe. That's a huge goal here, green frogs are pretty rad (two emojis of green frogs)

3caratlady: Always new information. I'm stoked by the level of intelligence, hard work of so many, and broadening my horizon
5 people like this comment 

oneromaniac: A common universal unprecedented effort to uncover the truth.
5 people like this comment

VanFarnel: I can make a biblical 
reference without somebody calling my God a 'tyrant of a god who demands worship'.
5 people like this comment
Comment reply: VanFarnel right?? Hallelujah!
1 person likes this comment reply
How comforting it must be to have all the answers. Happy turkey week folks.

What Is QAnon? (Part 1 – A LARP is born)

(Need More Context? – Read Part 0.5 Here)

People asked me “Fiona, what is a LARP?” A LARP is either when a bunch of nerds get together and act out a kickass fantasy in the woods IRL, or it’s when your racist uncle puts on a confederate soldier’s uniform and pinkie swears that he’s only doing this because of his deep and abiding love of history.

However, in both of those cases, you have to put in some effort, just look at the kickass picture below. One of the most infuriating things about Q is just how lazy of a LARP it is.

A picture of a person dressed in fantasy robes, wearing a fencer's mask, and holding a bladed weapon in a field.
This is how you do a LARP right.
Image by Ralf Hüls, Sascha Rathjen – CC-BY-SA 4.0

FBIAnon had fizzled out by 2017, occasionally popping up to do a pointless Q&A where nothing came true. Fun way to pass the time on /pol/, but not really anything more than that. But no worries, on the 28th of October, 2017, a new and improved FBIANon, named Q, came into the world with this bold and totally accurate prediction:

Picture of an archived 4chan post which reads: "Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on October 30, 2017."
You can totally see why people insist Q is infallible, right?

(For the rest of these posts I’m going to steal an idea from Jan Bobrowicz and deliver Q drop via the medium of Garfield.)

Make the Mark Work For You

Three posts were made on that first day and immediately they hit on the winning formula. Sure, there was the blatantly untrue prediction of Hillary Clinton’s arrest, but they also asked open ended nonsense questions. Ask any conman and they’ll tell you that getting the mark to put work in on your side is the best way to reel them in.

Here’s an example from the third ever ‘Q drop’:

Panel 1: Garfield standing next to a hole in the ground saying 'Where is Huma? Follow Huma'
Panel 2: Garfield standing next to Otie, who has a bone in his mouth in the hole
Panel 3: Otie is shaking his head. Garfield is saying 'What is the military code? Where is AW being held? Why?
Otie thought about listening to Garfield and getting pilled, before realizing he was spouting nonsense. Because even a dumb-shit imaginary dog can avoid radicalization with a little extra thought.

For the record, Huma is Huma Abedin, ex-wife of Anthony Weiner (who is AW), and former Hillary Clinton employee. At the time, Anthony Weiner was in Federal Medical Center, Devens, which according to Wikipedia is: ‘a United States federal prison in Massachusetts for male inmates requiring specialized or long-term medical or mental health care.’ He was there because he’s a white man with money whose lawyers said he had a sex addiction.

I have no idea what military or what code that question is referring to. Neither do you, because Q never provides answers. Not that it matters. You’re actively crafting this story together. What do you want it to mean? Congratulations, you cracked the code! Please enjoy the temporary dopamine boost and sense of achievement.

The worst part is, to write about this, I have to put in work. By doing so it looks as though I accept the premise that the questions were worth answering. Even if I dismiss the questions as nonsense, I have engaged. That’s how they reel you in.

And that’s why this is a game. If I were passively consuming predictions or just reading a Q&A I might get bored, but at this early stage QAnon is a LARP in a meaningful sense because by answering the nebulous open-ended questions you become an active participant and player.

Harassment Gets Baked Into The Crust

Q likes to call their posts ‘crumbs’ or ‘breadcrumbs’, and Q followers like to say they are ‘bakers’. I’m not entirely sure how you bake bread from already existing crumbs but let’s work with what we have.

As we will see in later parts, QAnon acolytes love to harass people. If you thought (as they do) that someone was a cannibalistic pedophile, you’d probably harass them too. This isn’t an offshoot or a case of something ‘getting out of hand’, it’s a core feature of the game.

You notice I didn’t go stalk Huma Abedin in my answers above. I don’t care where she is. I hope she’s happy now she’s not married to a lying pervert who chats up children. Q really cares. Four out of the first ten Q drops say to follow or check in with where she is. Why? Like I said, Q doesn’t provide answers. You decide!

In all panels, Garfield is lying down and a thought bubble is coming from his head. They say:
Panel 1: Where is Huma?
Panel 2: Follow Huma Tomorrow. Human
Panel 3: Where is Huma Today?
This is normal. Everything is fine.

Join me next week for part 2 where we explore early Q narratives, and watch the original creators desperately try and bail from the monster they made.

Reddit – Still Evil

There’s been a lot of weird revisionist history around Reddit recently. The Atlantic wrote a piece praising them for not currently being a hotbed of QAnon conspiracies, completely overlooking the fact that Reddit helped spread it in the first place. In fact, Reddit was so instrumental in the early spread of QAnon that they got a shoutout in a Q drop.

They praise their swift action on /r/Pizzagate, but in the same post remark on how /r/TheGreatAwakening had 70,000 members. If you want to know how bad it got before Reddit deigned to step in, read this incredibly detailed post about just one harassment campaign organised by Q acolytes.

But all that is in the past. There’s been a big push to make the Anti-Evil Operations team more visible. Has that made a difference? Not really.

Reddit – Still Pushing Conspiracies

I wanted to make a new Reddit account recently. I used an email address from a domain that I owned, and knew had no other user accounts (

Going through on-boarding, here were the first suggestions I got.

Image of Reddit page which is recommending communities to new users. The two relevant ones are 'r/conspiracy_commons' and 'r/conspiracytheories'
Why, Reddit? Why do you do this?

I asked someone else I knew to create an account on a domain I had a level of control over. Here’s what came up:

Image of Reddit page which is recommending communities to new users. The two relevant one is 'r/conspiracytheories'
They’re serious about pushing this apparently….

A complete throwaway with a fake email address does produce completely generic results, removing the ‘Just For You’ section entirely, so this has to be personalized somehow. A quick glance at this blog shows you that I’m no stranger to browsing conspiracy boards. UBlockOrigin doesn’t block every cookie. So that’s it. That’s the solution, right? No harm, no foul. Just serving up relevant content.

What Are They Recommending?

Reddit has no way of knowing why I’m browsing conspiracy boards. The algorithm might be watching me, but it isn’t watching that closely. Much like Facebook, Reddit is now creating a tailored road-map to ‘pill’ me.

Here’s a selection of posts from /r/conspiracy_commons the day I signed up (please note that I took my sweet time writing this so this first bunch are old)

A Q/COVID-denalist grifter!

A reddit post with the title 'Fight with us people of the UK!!'
You too can get coaching on…something. Only £20 p/h!

A QAnon/Hollow-Earth true believer!

A Reddit post with the title 'What did Seth MacFarlane mean by this? A character dressed as Steven Spielberg molesting an Asian boy while singing The Goonies theme. It's probably nothing'
Seth MacFarlane likes to make jokes in poor taste. That is the explanation.

Racist memes from user Murder_All_Marxists, who deleted their own account. Reddit was apparently fine with the username.

A Reddit post with the title 'Slavery is still active in Africa'
This isn’t even a conspiracy.

In defense of the folks at /r/conspiracy_commons, today’s selection (15th October) was less actively horrendous, but number five on ‘Hot’ was still QAnon propaganda.

A reddit post with the title 'Evidence against Biden, Obama and Clinton goes Public! Deep State Scrambles as MORE EVIDENCE Revealed!
This is exhausting.

Just to re-emphasize. This is content that Reddit was actively recommending to me as a new user. I can’t find statistics on how many new accounts there are a day, but there are apparently 430 million active users right now. How many people are being recommended similar content??

Why Does It Matter?

If you hang around places like /r/QAnonCasualties you can get a real sense of what happens in the lives of people taken in by these posts. On the day I registered, I came across this incredibly telling and sad post.

A Reddit post with the title 'Does anyone here feel the constant sadness and hollowness once you are not distracted?'
Apparently this post was deleted. I’m not shocked.

There’s a human cost to algorithms. The anti-COVID propaganda seen here has an actual body-count. Democracies are being eroded by QAnon and Deep State content that pushed people into an alternative reality. And on the micro-level, divorce proceedings are being started, people are losing their kids, parents are alienated from their children.

Reddit can do better.

What Is QAnon? (Part 0.5 The Crazy Stage Is Set)

I am not a journalist. If you’re looking for someone with an editor to tell you about QAnon, please look elsewhere. There’s also an excellent Wikipedia article available if you’re looking for neutrality.

I am but a humble website-haver, and people keep asking me what QAnon is so here goes.

Once upon a time, there was an image board called 4Chan. It was full of fucking dorks. Sometimes those fucking dorks got together and did good, like when they declared war on Scientology and brought their horrific abuses into the mainstream. I should know. I was one of those dorks.

We were all 19 once…

But mostly, 4chan existed as a way to get porn and occasionally make edgy jokes about Hitler. (Author note from the hellscape of 2020: Any time someone is making edgy Hitler jokes, they are trying to make you comfortable with nazism. Kick that person)

The actual banner of the 4Chan subreddit today (13th of Oct 2020) because of course it is

It was also a really good way to get memes going. I know 4chan people like to say they make the best memes, but really it’s just that they have a captive audience of NEETs with no social lives so of course their creations are going to propagate effectively.

One of the great things about 4chan is that it has no reputation system. You show up, you can yell all the slurs you like, and then come back tomorrow with a fresh slate. (For more on how that spills out into the wider internet see ‘The Card Says Moops’)

Which means that you, or I, or the person who is living a miserable daily existence with no hope in sight of decent mental healthcare or a loving relationship, can be whoever we want in this wonderful chaotic bubble.

The Alternate Reality Game Begins…

2016 was fun, wasn’t it? There wasn’t a plague back then. People thought Donald Trump couldn’t be president. Boy howdy the egg on their faces. And Pepe was just, all the rage. Donald Trump gave people permission to say what they had been bottling up for so long, and the chan culture of ‘say it and run away’ was spilling over into our living rooms.

Pizzagate, seen as the beginning of the Q movement, had its groundwork laid in the 90s. Larry Nichols, a weird con-man who genuinely looks like one of the Talking Head video guys, had been saying that Hillary Clinton was a witch ever since he was fired by her husband for helping the contras.

Why were your shoulders so big Larry? What was up with that?

Roger Stone, rat-fucker extraordinaire and Larry Nichols fan, knew that Wikileaks were going to release a bunch of emails from the Clinton Campaign. They were, and remain, boring as shit. Seriously, go read them. These people live dull normal lives, and good for them. But you can’t let something like this go to waste!

So how to get this party started? Simple:

  1. Get an obviously fake Twitter account that may as well be called “Jew McJewerson” to make a spurious accusation regarding the contents of said emails
I hate nazis. I hate nazis so much. Fuck you, you fucking dorks

2. Have Alex Jones & Co ramp up their already existing hysteria regarding elite pedophiles. Extra points go to Roger here for getting Alex on the Trump train and thus derailing his entire life.
3. Get people to drop normie-friendly content ‘proving’ this theory on mainstream sites like Reddit and Facebook.

If you’re very bored, spending an afternoon playing Roger Stone’s game isn’t a bad way to waste time as you hurtle towards the sweet release of death. At this point, the chans were already split about whether or not to support Donald Trump unironically. An actual government whistleblower had posted on 4chan before. The precedent was set.

Someone, somewhere, said ‘Fuck it, I’m in’, and a new LARP was born.

Enter FBIAnon

FBIAnon was the proto-Q but their time was short lived. If you want to see all their posts, a patriot has put them together for you. A patriot, by the by, who now believes in Q. But FBIAnon made a few fatal mistakes that you’ll notice Q avoids.

1. They Took Q&As

If you take Q&As then people are going to remember the answer you gave to their question. Instead of a million failed prophecies that could be interpreted however you’d like, you have a direct answer to a direct question. When all of your direct answers are both wrong and can’t be spun into something new, you’ve failed.

2. They Were Way Too Specific

I know ‘Look at the Clinton Foundation’ doesn’t seem like it’s that specific, and you’re right! But it is too specific to carry an entire cult. The gravy train stops when new threads run out and this just created an immediate dead-end.

3. Putin Was Totally In On It

Apparently nobody cared that Russia was using the Podesta emails to influence the election whilst it was happening. This one actually surprised me but go look! FBIAnon is very clear that Putin is involved in leaks and that his aim is to bring down the dastardly Clinton Foundation.

4. It Was The Jews

The above all helped stop FBIAnon gaining prominence, but the full mask-off of anti-Jewish propaganda was the real death knell. To quote:

The goal (of Soros, since I assume that is what you are asking) is to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed and become one people ruled by a radically pure Jewish race. They sincerely believe under their rule all human conflict will cease because there will be no more cause for division. This desire is born out of a fear of the horrors of WWII. The Holocaust is a lie, but the death toll was still massive nonetheless. And many people were brutalized by it.

FBIAnon – Being a nazi piece of shit on 4chan, 2016

You will see, in later parts of this series, that Q’s story isn’t different from that of FBIAnon. The antisemitism fully on display in this prototype was simply buried deeper.

It says something that when Q and Trump supporters are discussing the reliability of FBIAnon, this rarely comes up. The premise of a Jewish cabal trying to take over the world is a given to many of these people.

Join me for part 1 where we talk about Q rising from the ashes of FBIAnon. The LARP continues…

Dear Q Follower

Hello there!

I’m hoping, if you’re reading this, that someone who loves you very much sent you here. You and they may have differences of opinion when it comes to Q. We have a difference of opinion when it comes to Q.

I do, however, believe in you, and I really hope you will stick with me until the end. I’m going to make some assumptions about you before we get into this. I’m going to assume:

  • You’re basically a good person
  • You genuinely, passionately, care about the issues associated with QAnon
  • (Most importantly) You genuinely want to fix the issues brought up by Q

I also want you to know, and I mean this very sincerely, I accept that I might be wrong. Maybe the things that Q says are true! If you want, please feel free to email me, and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I promise to look over what you have to say with an open mind, if you’ll do the same for me here.

I’d like to teach you how to be the best activist you can be. If you’re right, this is very important – but also, you are loved. And this is about finding the right balance between making positive change, and keeping you ‘in the fight’.

Always Remember – Burnout Is Real

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve, you must remember that societal change is a marathon, not a sprint! I see that Black Lives Matter aren’t very popular in Q circles but you must admit, they’ve been playing the long game, and consistently making demands and small, incremental, changes for the last seven years. They’ve gotten so many people on their side. If you want the mainstream to view Q like they view BLM, or their social movement of choice, you need to be willing to keep going. That’s going to require self-care, love, and relationships outside the Q-bubble. That’s what this post is for.

Figure Out What You Want To Achieve

Maybe you just learned about Q, maybe you’ve been doing this for a while. I want you to ask yourself “What do I want to achieve?” Start small. Avoid depression and hopelessness by setting targets you know you can hit, and work up from there.

It’s tempting when you learn about a new social issue to want change to happen right this second. From my reading, it seems that the peadophile/pedovore cabal has existed for hundreds of years. You are not going to fix this tomorrow. That can be really disheartening, but that’s why you…

Get Dedicated

Do you want to learn more about this? Then set yourself a number of hours you’re going to dedicate to learning a day, or a week. Importantly, do not go over that number. If you decide to binge, that’s where burnout occurs. Whatever updates happen, they’ll still be there when you return to reading. When The Storm actually is upon us, you won’t be able to miss it! So don’t worry about being glued to your screen.

Maybe you’re a meme-maker – how many quality, informative, memes do you think you can make in a day? Do you need feedback from the Q community? Budget for both of those things every day. Don’t go over your time limit. You want to be energized to keep going tomorrow.

At first, it might seem like you’re being less efficient, but I’m asking you to give it a couple of weeks. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done when you have dedicated, focused time. Speaking of time…

Make Time for Other Things In Your Life

When you learn about a new problem, especially one like Q, it can be overwhelming. How are you supposed to enjoy the things you did, now that you know children are suffering?

You have to. A drowning person can’t save anyone, and if you live-and-breathe only QAnon content, you are eventually going to drown. That’s not because you’re weak, that’s because you’re human. People are counting on you, you need to be as emotionally strong as possible.

Maybe you can’t save any children right now, but what about a dog? Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers, and that’s a great way you can make a difference today.

What did you used to do away from the computer? Board games are seeing a renaissance. Hiking is good for you, and nobody will ask you to wear a mask in the woods!

Anything away from the screen is valid. Remember, if/when The Storm comes, you’ll know no matter where you are. There’s no reason not to take regular breaks.

Be Patient With Your Loved Ones

When you believe in something, it’s really tempting to believe those on the “other side” are evil. After all, this is so obvious and so important that anyone who doesn’t believe is obviously against you!

When you start to think that, take a look at Black Lives Matter, or people fighting for more COVID mask laws, or Social Justice Warriors on social media. If you don’t agree with them, some of them call you names, or label you ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘-ist’.

I know that there are lots of people who don’t support those causes who firmly reject those labels and claim to love all people equally. Maybe you’re one of them. I’m asking you to learn from their mistakes. Be patient, and don’t overwhelm your loved ones with info. Find some common ground outside of politics.

I have read lots of Q people say that they worry for their loved ones when The Storm hits. How will they emotionally process the information? How will they deal with the fallout? If this hits home, remember that you’ll need to be there for them. The best way to be there for them in future is to be there for them now.

2020 is a scary time for everyone. Lets get through this together.

#SaveOurChildren – QAnon Comes to London

(This blog post was also published to WT.Social with permission. You can see my interviews with attendees here)

On August 22nd, at 3pm exactly, ~100 people sat by Wellington Arch to participate in a “global guided meditation”. Children all over the world were being kidnapped, murdered, or cannibalized by a nebulous group called ‘the elites’. But more than anything, the organizers claimed, this was a spiritual war.

And so sage was burned, gongs were rung, and the tranquility was only shattered when a man approached the crowd to scream: “Where were you when those peadophiles were grooming all those white kids, huh? You didn’t give a shit then! Shame on you. You didn’t care about those white kids.”

QAnon has officially come to Britain.

Who Are The Believers?

Event Organizers Leading the March (CC-BY-SA 4.0 YesThatFiona)

The crowd seemed to be evenly split into three camps:

The Crunchy Moms
As the march was centered around such an adult and disgusting subject matter, I was surprised to see so many people attending with their kids. Concerned mothers wanting to be on the right side of history made a strong showing. They helped to lead the meditation, which they took extremely seriously, and a few cast some very forceful spells at the end of the day.

Although they claimed that their kids weren’t aware of what was going on around them, it seems doubtful that signs saying ‘Kill All Pedos’ and chants about children being snatched off the street will go completely over their heads.

The Q Converts
There was a strong showing of people pilled from the internet, although none of them could say exactly where they first became aware of Q. These were the people overtly concerned with symbology, frazzledrip, and COVID being a hoax.

People With Issues Around Their Children
There was a subsection of attendees who obviously had issues with their own children. These were the people who wanted to talk about the courts, or the one gentleman who started crying talking about “fighting for my kids”.

What Do They Believe?

QAnon Follower Holds Up A Homemade Sign With Supposed Pedophilic Symbology (CC-BY-SA 4.0 YesThatFiona)

One of the more surprising things I learned was that most attendees did not believe in the infallibility of Q. Q was “one source” of information, but not correct about everything, and nobody said the words “disinformation is necessary”, for which I will be forever thankful.

A good half of the people I spoke to said that they had known about “this” forever. Although both the US and UK had a Satanic Panic in the 80s, the legacy of pedophile hysteria that overtook Britain in the 90s lives on. Add to that history the very real case of Jimmy Savile and the subsequent Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and it’s easy to see how the UK is primed to simply incorporate QAnon conspiracies into the existing ecosystem.

There was absolutely no mention of Hillary Clinton, and Trump was draining the swamp, which was great, but didn’t have a lot to do with us. George Soros and the Rothschild family made their obligatory appearance, but only one person seemed to be aware that they were spouting antisemitic conspiracy theories. When I pointed out to one couple that all the people they were demonizing were Jewish, they were extremely emphatic that they weren’t aware and didn’t care about that.

The entire UK government seemed to be forgotten. The Queen and Lord Rothschild were the actual rulers of Britain, and the UK heads of the pedophile cabal. Strangely enough, there were no UK-centric saviors. In fact, there didn’t seem to be a savior at all. Just one long list of evils perpetuated by a nebulous elite.

How Has Q Changed Them?

The world’s jolliest QAnon follower (CC-BY-SA 4.0 YesThatFiona)

In a crowd of fellow believers, the mood was light and there was a real sense of camaraderie between attendees. However, when asked about their lives outside of this event, and how their new worldview had changed them, they all had only bad things to say.

People couldn’t sleep, people couldn’t talk about anything else, people’s entire worldview had been shattered. There was no mention of losing loved ones, but even these short self-reports give a depressing insight into the world of a QAnon follower.

When asked how they were looking after their mental health, everyone said “I smoke a lot”. The blanket of cigarette smoke covering the crowd spoke to the truth of that claim. The few day drinking attendees also said this was how they dealt with the stress of living in the world Q has convinced them is real.

This all only applied to the new converts. The older crowd who has known this “forever” reported no change in their lives at all since Q emerged.

When Does This End?

Save Our Children Attendees March Passed Westminster Abbey (CC-BY-SA 4.0 YesThatFiona)

The short answer, according to the attendees, is that it doesn’t. One QAnon devotee did cling to the belief that there would be mass arrests with pedophiles being put into gitmo, but to everyone else, this was a forever fight.

There are more walks scheduled throughout the year, including satellite groups like Sovereign Citizens and “doctors” who believe COVID is a hoax. With no end goal, it’s difficult to know where this misplaced rage will go. After I left, the crowd bum-rushed Buckingham Palace to call out Prince Andrew, but should Q turn their attention to less well guarded individuals, perhaps the witch-hunts of the 90s will return. We can only hope there will be less collateral damage.

BLM/QAnon crossover shirt (CC-BY-SA 4.0 YesThatFiona)