Catching Up With Q (Post Election Edition)

(Featured image by Cory W. Watts via Commons – CC-BY-SA 2.0)

I get a bit frustrated trying to write these ‘latest news’ things. This blog post will be out of date when you read it. Having said that, there’s a lot of drama, and a lot of bad bad takes (like this one from the NYT). So hopefully this isn’t just an addition to the pile of postings that are wrong the moment you press ‘Publish’.

Remember Kids, It’s Satan All The Way Down

What gets missed in a lot of the more polite mainstream coverage is that we are dealing with the literal Christian devil here. Your Mileage May Very depending on which Q-Person you’re discussing but the (((globalists))), or pedovores, or just (((the elites))), are for the most part working with Lucifer himself.

Praying Medic, arch Q-grifter and man who ironically looks like a first grader’s attempt at creating a golum, is the master of combining good ol’ American Christianity with Q interpretation.

Picture of a bald white man looking into the middle distance. The background is an American flag. Contact details are redacted behind a black bar. The words: PRAYING MEDIC are visible.
You could also say he looks like a walking thumb

All that is to say, we’re a long way from done with Q. Jesus told his followers that he’d be back before they died and people are still patiently waiting. This cult can survive an election.

Q Went Quiet For a While

This isn’t the first time Q has gone silent. I’m sure it won’t be the last. It is possibly the most amusing as there was an eight day gap with Q’s triumphant post-election declaration just being:

Three images of Garfield lying under a thought bubble. They contain Q drop #4950 which reads:
Panel 1: GodBlessAmerica.png
Panel 2: Nothing can stop what is coming.
Panel 3: Nothing!
Except voting, apparently!

But it’s ok! Q came back on the 12th. Honestly the content isn’t even that relevant. Adherents had already created the conspiracies before the Q drops happened. It was simply a case of repeating what had stuck to the wall.

Also, for reasons that are too convoluted to go into in this blogpost, 11/11 is a special date according to some QAnon followers. So over in [⛶speculation corner], I think they were also waiting for that to pass before posting again.

So What’s Trending Now?

The New Messianic Date – 14th of December

The new date for everything to be revealed is the 14th of December. Why? Because that’s when the electors will meet to confirm that Joe Biden is the next president of the United States. (Barring some sort of coup which personally I’m not ruling out) There’s even going to be a solar eclipse like any good medieval-style judgement day should have.

To lightning-round it:

  • The real ballots were actually watermarked with a “QFS blockchain encryption code” and this was all an elaborate sting operation
  • Dominion Voting Systems (a vote tabulation software) have suspicious ties to the democrats and changed votes
  • ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ – The Democrats secretly commandeered a super-computer named ‘Hammer’ which is using software called ‘Scorecard’ to change votes (braver souls than I have tried to fact check this)

None of these are falsifiable by a lay person, and all of them require the reader to assume that computers are at least a little bit magical. If proof of the above fails to appear on the 14th of December, that won’t disprove magic computers.

Of course there’s more, but those are the main theories going around. Rudy Guliani, and ‘Kraken’ Sidney Powell are gonna bust this case wide open! You just wait and see.

You Thought The Podesta Emails Were Done? They’re Never Done

This is really just a special mention to whoever created this fake Podesta email that’s doing the rounds. It first emerged in 2018 where it was being used to prove the midterms were rigged. It’s now being linked to again to show that the 2020 election was rigged.

I'm really sorry screen readers. Me doing this properly broke wordpress so I'm just going to write what the email from Todd Macklerr to John Podesta says and then lodge a complaint.

Hey guys, as you can see from the subject - The Dogs Are Loose. I repeat - The Dogs Are Loose. Loose dogs, guys. You know what to do from here. I'll be meeting with Soros later this week for some "pre-programming" of machines.

We're also going to check out a Collective Soul concert. Never knew George was a fan, but he is and so am I, so we're going. That isn't code or anything so don't bother looking for the corresponding code - this just means we're actually going to see Collective Soul in concert.

More to come. But yeah, these machines will be humming in November, just like I'll be humming a few Collective Soul songs next week.
For the love of god please stop making these.

I like to think that we know better in this, the year of collective torment, 2020, but just in case. Please stop making these. I genuinely chuckled when I read it until I saw the link to buy the poster’s pro-Q book on Amazon (only $7.95!) It was only funny when everybody got the obvious joke. We’re beyond that now.

Watkins Drama Alert

I’d be remiss to not mention this but Ron Watkins was the administrator of 8kun, where QAnon posts are published. He is also the son of Jim Watkins – creepiest pig-farmer since Willy Pickton, owner of 8kun, and possible Q author.

Screenshot of a video of Jim Watkins, who is wearing a blue shirt with palm trees. The background is a bald eagle in front of the American flag.
Screenshot from Jim Watkin’s post-election video ‘Persevere and Do’ – It was…not inspiring.

Ron quit being an 8kun administrator on election day. Then a few days ago, a verified Parler account which was held under Ron’s username ‘CodeMonkeyZ’, posted this:

Ron and Jim are dumb assholes who run a child porn website that terrorists love. I don’t put it past them to have some weird high school drama playing out in the background. However, it seems more likely at this point that people with verified accounts on Parler can change their name/username and keep the verified status.

That means I could sign up and be verified as ‘Yes, That Fiona’, and then change my entire account so it looked like I was verified as Donald Trump and post ‘Joe Biden won and also Q is fake’. This is hilarious and utterly undermines their verification process. What it isn’t, is a smoking gun that Jim is Q. Sorry guys.

One thought on “Catching Up With Q (Post Election Edition)

  1. Very inciteful. A quick read and easy to grasp. Hard to believe people are buying in but I know they are. Will look forward to more posts.


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